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The University's mission is - to achieve excellence in the scholarly activities of teaching and applying knowledge. The Institute of Cooperatives and Development Studies is committed to link the aims of the disciplines with the mission of Ambo University. Though, the establishment of the Institute is a very recent (i.e; September 2009), the now Institute of Cooperatives and Development Studies has been there with its different forms, names and labels.

Indeed, the institute evolved through the re-structuring processes (BPR) introduced through out the University's educational systems which have brought such a new arrangements and changes in the academic and administrative unites. It is this new phenomenon which has paved the way for the creation of the Institute.

Institute of Cooperatives and Development Studies will continue to be the largest and most dynamic Institute within Ambo University campus. The departments within the Institute are very much oriented to teach students to think critically about development issues in societies, to collect and analyze information about social issues, and to provide training to cooperative members and their leaders.

The current enrollment has witnessed exponential expansion from a few hundred students who first attended classes to the nearly 1000 students we serve today in all programs. The Institute is comprised of 2 departments, all taught by more than 35 staff members (Local & expatriate).

Our Institute is unique in that it is one of a few institutes in Ethiopia to combine formal Degree programs and short term trainings for cooperative societies at grass root levels through its out-reach program. This integrated approach provides students with an invaluable, broad and in-depth perspective of the real life situations that enhance a focus on individual disciplines.


The Institute of Cooperatives and Development Studies envisions to be recognized as the most innovative and imaginative centre for development studies in Cooperatives and Rural transformation.


With its unique disciplinary breadth, the Institute of Cooperatives and Development Studies exists to stimulate creative and critical thought, and cultivate inquisitive mind and interest in research.

The Student Experience

The Institute of Cooperatives and Development Studies equip students with numerous skills and qualifications they require to be successful in the workplace. They will develop competencies in leadership, critical thinking, communications, problem solving, team building and project management. These wide-ranging and transferable skills help our students adapt to changing workplace dynamics, and our many hands-on learning experiences give students the upper hand in today's ever-competitive job market.

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