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The department of Accounting and Finance was founded in 2006/7 under Faculty of Business and Economics; currently named College of Business and Economics after BPR implementation in the university. The department has started with the sixty regular program students and grown into what is now biggest concentration of around five hundred student population in both regular and continuing education programs.

Accounting and Finance, a distinctively modern department prides itself on its friendliness and diversity, providing a community and a home to student from different ethnic group from four angles of the globe of the country. It has an exceptional body of students’ committed both to developing their academic studies and to making the most of school experience.

Objectives of the department

In general, the department of Accounting and Finance aims at equipping graduates with adequate knowledge and skills and hence, are capable of handling current and future accounting, auditing and financial practices demanded by both for profit and not for profit institutions operating in the country. Specifically, the department intends to:

  • enable the student to have profound understanding of accountancy and finance, relevant technology and ethics to exercise exemplary citizenship while rendering professional service
  • undertake research to pinpoint and resolve practical problems and enhance the standards of profession
  • support efforts of organizations’ in designing, adapting, and/or improving their accounting system through short term training and consultancy service and
  • act in response to the country’s requirements for high level accountants, auditors, and financial managers

Vision of the department

The Department of Accounting and Finance aspires to provide sustainable quality education innovatively responsive to rapidly changing environments, thereby produce competent and vibrant manpower that exercise exemplary role in rendering service to customers in the area of accountancy and finance.

Mission of the department

It is Accounting and Finance department’s mission to maintain and ensure compliance with the provision of continual quality, cost effective education within the faculty, while offering education in regular and distance programs at graduate and undergraduate levels, and timely, need based and duly supervised short term trainings in a professional and innovative manner so as to address the need of customers.

Programs in the Department

The department currently runs one program


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