List of Colleges at Ambo University

Business and Economics

The college of Business and Economics at Ambo University has been contributing its share in achieving the university's objectives in particular and country’s development goals in general by producing qualified and competent graduates, conducting problem solving research, and rendering community services.

Social Science and Humanities

CSSH was established in 2009 with two departments:

  • English Language & Literature and
  • Afaan Oromoo & Literature

Agriculture and Veterinary Science

Dear respected followers, on behalf of College of Agriculture and Veterinary Science, I would like to warmly welcome you to the official web page of Ambo University College of Agriculture and Veterinary Science. Our college is one of the most senior higher learning institutes and pioneer institution in teaching modern agriculture in Ethiopia.

Natural and Computational Science

The College provides dynamic, engaging, and comprehensive knowledge to tackle today’s most pressing challenges. Our diverse and vibrant staffs are dedicated to intellectual finding; constructing knowledge and supporting students to reach their highest potential. We uniquely position our students for success. Thank you for visiting.

Medicine & Health Science

College of Medicine and Health Sciences was established in 2009 G.C, and in the 2010 G.C, accepted health sciences students in three programs, namely, Public Health (73 students), Pharmacy (55 students) and Nursing (56 students) with only six (6) instructors at that time. In March 2011 G.C, the college launched New Innovative Medical Education Initiative (NIMEI) program and accepted 75 students to train a Bachelor degree in Doctor of Medicine.

College of Medicine and Health Sciences of Ambo University has gone through a series of transformations since its establishment.  In the last decade, the college has witnessed tremendous expansion in terms of field of study. The college, apart from under-graduate programs, has been highly engaged in the expansion and diversification of graduate programs. Currently, the college is running different undergraduate programs under 10 departments: Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, Anesthesia, Midwifery, Medical Laboratory Sciences, Public Heal