Department of Accounting and Finance


It is our pleasure to say, welcome to the Department of Accounting & Finance. The department is currently running two programs: Degree program in Accounting & Finance and PG program of MBA in Finance. Moreover, the department is providing different short term trainings. The department has well qualified and committed staffs who engage in teaching and learning activities;conduct a problem solving researches and render community Services.Thus, we are confident that our departmentis field of your choice and is passionate to respond to the varying needs of its stakeholders. It gives us an immense pleasure to welcome you once again.

Department of Accounting and finance was founded in 2006/7 under Faculty of Business and Economics, Currently called College of Business and Economics.It has started with 60 students and grown into what is now biggest concentration of more than 500 students.

Accounting and Finance, a distinctively modern department prides itself on its friendliness and diversity, serving studentscome from national and international countries. It has well educated and committed academic staffs with a mix of diverse educational backgrounds.They are workingFriendly and cooperatively to enrich the work and social environment at the department, college and hence at the university level.

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