Department of Cooperatives


Cooperatives are business organizations established by individuals with the same interest and motivation to achieve common economic, social, environmental and cultural objectives. They have their own set of principles designed by the International Cooperative Alliance which facilitate the international cooperative movement.

The history of modern cooperatives goes back to 1840s. Since this time cooperatives have been organized in different parts of the world for different purposes. However, the success of cooperatives was clearly identified and quite high in the agricultural sector. The history of many developed countries shows that cooperatives have been the best tools for the economic development in various sectors in general and agricultural sector in particular.

In countries like Ethiopia where a large proportion of the population lives in low socio-economic brackets and in a situation where meager resources are only sparsely situated, cooperatives provide an opportunity to organize scattered resources and mobilize them for development.

Taking the experience of many countries, the cooperative movement of our country is flourishing since 1960s. These days, there is an interesting tendency to see well organized, managed and successful cooperatives at primary, secondary and tertiary levels. In this aspect the role of qualified and competent human resource in the field of cooperatives is undoubtedly critical and imperative.

In order to have more vibrant cooperative enterprises in the country that can support the cooperative development initiatives and transform this sector mainly rely on the quality of cooperative professionals produced by higher education institutions. Therefore, to achieve this macro objective, the existence and implementation of well planned, critically analyzed and designed module is of paramount importance

             Vision and Mission of the department

Vision: The vision of the Department is to become a highly efficient, dynamic and competitive centre for cooperatives education, research and development in ten years time.

Mission: The mission of the Department is to promote, through its research, consultancy, training and educational activities the continued growth of the co-operative movement as an effective, locally-owned and democratically-controlled sector in an economy, designed to address the urgent needs and problems of the community.

                    Objectives of the Department

The overall goal of the degree program is to create competent, highly skilled and committed cooperative professionals capable of promoting the cooperative sectors and thereby contributing to the overall development effort of the country.

The specific objectives of the program are:

·         to produce cooperative professionals equipped with the theoretical knowledge, practical skills and ability to transform and promote the cooperative sector in a sustainable manner,

·         to produce socially accountable professionals who would manage, technically support and give alternative solutions to Cooperative problems through research,

·         To strengthen consultancy and advisory services, skill up-grading trainings and community development services.

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