Department of Construction Technology And Management


The aim of the department is to produce an outstanding construction technology and management graduates who have been prepared to become technological, managerial and public service leaders capable of understanding the social and environmental challenges that face the country, and who will be in a position to make a meaningful contribution to both national social and economic growth and development as well as being able to respond to, and benefit from the impact of global change.

The department and the staff are committed to create a learning environment that provides a level of knowledge and competency in these areas, through an innovative program of study, supported by a capability in information technology use, coupled with a capacity to integrate the key social and environmental issues facing the country.

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About the Department

The department of construction technology and management was established and started to function independently in (2011 E.C). Before its establishment, the program had started to function under department of Civil Engineering since 2010E.C.

The reason behind to launch the program was the double digit economic growth and the consecutive rapid expansion of construction industry in Ethiopia which resulted in high demand for having professionals on the field of construction technology and management. The gaps seen in construction engineering, construction management, and construction technology become clear on the execution of construction projects. Inefficiencies in construction projects management, inadequacies in the adoptions of various construction technologies and techniques, etc call for having an integrated profession beyond the design aspect at the all phases of project life cycle (inception, planning, execution etc) have necessitated to open this department.

Goal of the Department

The primary objective of the Program is to train high-level professionals capable of solving practical engineering problems in Construction Engineering & Management independently, and to develop in the process the research project experience of the staff members of the Department. The specific objectives of the program are:

  •  To train engineers in the planning, scheduling and management of large civil engineering works, which include the administration of local and international contracts, feasibility study planning, appraisal of projects and their finance.
  •  To train construction engineers who have acquired a thorough understanding on the performance of concrete, ranging from material selection to site practices, and construction methods and techniques.
  • To provide students with the core skills and a thorough understanding of the responsibilities of the professional construction project manager capable of contributing to an organization.

The department runs its program both with regular and CEP.

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