Department of Cadastral Surveying and Geomatics Engineering


The nature of urban development in Ethiopia is rapid but the engineering support to the development of most of the towns and cities is very less. Urban development has positive implication the national economy of the country provided that the sector development is guided by a technological ground. Surveying based land use planning and real property registry is the feature of modern cities. Meaningful benefit of citizens and government from urban development is ensured through proper registration and management of property through cadastral surveying and sustainable planning urban land through geomatic engineering and technology. High trained man power is required now days in Ethiopia in this regard with only limited human resource on market.

‘Cadastral Surveying and Geomatic Engineering’ program of Ambo University will highly contribute to land information management endeavor of the urban development sector by producing knowledgeable and skill man power in this discipline. The role of program is not limited to human resource training, it will highly contribute to the urban sector development through research and development works. The program will also provide consultancy service and capacity building training to the stakeholders and urban development practitioners. Moreover, the commitment of the Oromia Regional State Urban Development Bureau and Federal Urban and Land related property information Agency to work with this Institute of Technology will strengthen the program for the achievement of the goals of the program. Launching the program at Ambo University will also solve the development problems of the Oromia towns in the research and community service catchment of the university.

If the rational can be narrated with respected with

  • Land Tenure and Police
  • Land market and economics advantage
  • Sustainable Development and Environment


The BSc in Cadastral Surveying and Geomatics Engineering program aims to support the expansion and capacity building of the urban development sector in general and in Integrated Land Management offices, Municipalities, and Mapping Agency in particular. The bachelor training program is expected to bring significant impact in addressing the needs of modern cadastral, geospatial and geo-information systems through education and research. The program will provide a unique opportunity to bring together experts from different regional land related offices to enable them exchange experiences and do their own aspirations in Geomatics sciences and technology.

The overall consequence of the BSc program is improving urban land administration and management system, in the long run to bring the following outcomes:

  • Upgrades the level of technology and techniques used for cadastral system in the country
  • Enhance the quality of cadastral survey at country level
  • Enhance the current practice in land information systems

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