Department of Electrical Engineering


About the Department

Electrical and Computer Engineering is the branch of engineering that deals with the technology of electricity and electronics, especially the design and application of electronic circuit, equipment for power generation and distribution, machine control, communications and computer hardware and software.


The department is opened in 2011, the Department is running B.Sc. degree program students in a unified Electrical and Computer Engineering program as it is dynamic and diverse field of engineering. Electrical and Computer Engineering plays an important role in the development of the country. The development of the energy, communication, industrial and commercial sectors need well-qualified Electrical and Computer Engineers.

The Department has been serving the country and also advanced the University’s reputation. It is training a significant number of Electrical and Computer Engineers in the country who will play key roles in the various sectors of development in the country.

Today’s electrical and computer engineers must be able to find solutions to new complex and challenging technical problems. They must have strong scientific, technical and managerial skills and be able to integrate technical concepts with practical applications. The core Strategy of the Department is to pursue its vision and mission to enhance its research, linkage with industry, academic and scholarly activities and become a center of excellence for its programs, thereby improving its eminence in national and international

Taking into consideration the requirements of modern industries the department has realized the implementation of the following four specializations (streams) in the present undergraduate engineering course. Namely;

  • Communication Engineering,
  • Electrical Power Engineering,
  • Computer Engineering, and
  • Industrial Control Engineering,

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