Department of Educational Planning and Management


Our  department offers different programs: MA in Educational management and leadership; MA  in  School leadership; post Graduate Diploma in School leadership; Post Graduate Diploma in School Supervision; and BA  Degree in Educational Planning and management through regular, summer and extension programs. 

The department aims as providing quality education and training in educational management and leadership for students and practitioners  by offering both on –and off –campus training programs. The department is committed to improve the quality and practices of management and leadership in Ethiopia and internationally through high quality teaching, research and community services.

We look forward to welcoming you to our department. Our academic staffare competent,  aims to promote your professional and scholarly growth.  

Educational Planning and Management degree program was launched in the summer of 2010under the then pedagogical sciences and educational leadership unit in the institute of education and professional studies. The department started to run its degree program with summer modality immediately after it had been separated from other social sciences unit.Educational Planning and Management (EdPM)is a pioneer department in the institute of education and behavioral sciences. The department was established to satisfy the demand of educational leaders and managers.  Accordingly, since its establishment, it has contributed a lot in professionalizing the field of educational leadership and management in Ethiopia.

          Since its establishment, the department has been working in close association with the MoE, and it has extended its relations to the schools, woredas, zones,and regional education bureaus and is making greater contribution in building the capacity schools, school principals, school supervisors and teachers by preparing varied tailor made training programs based on their need and interests.

          The department is currently running its program with three modalities- regular, CEP and summer. The specific programs of the department  includes Post Graduate Certificate for Primary School Supervision( PGCPSS) in summer program; Bachelor of Arts degree  in Educational Planning and Management regular program; Postgraduate Diploma in School Leadership( PGDSL)in  mixed modality, MA in School Leadership in summer program, and MA in Educational Leadership and Management both in  summer and regular program.

Number of programs

 Undergraduate Regular- 1

            EDPM (Educational Planning and Management

Graduate Regular and CEP: 2

EDLM (Educational Leadership and Management)

ScL(School Leadership)

Post Graduate Diploma-1

PGDSL (Post graduate Diploma in School Leadership

Post Graduate Certificate: 1

PGCPSS (Post Graduate certificate in primary school supervision)

Keeping with current needs and trends, the department is aiming to strengthen and diversify its programs. .Accordingly, the current intake capacity of the department is:

  •  53   undergraduate  regular EDPM degree students all the batches in sum ( 1-3)
  • 170  students in Post Graduate Diploma in School Leadership (PGDSL) summer
  •  50 primary school supervisors in summer program
  • 86 MA programs in school leadership
  • 19 MA in EDLM summer program.
  • 30 MA regular EDLM  program   

Currently, there are 11 full-time academic staff members in the department (see the attached staff profile).

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