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Horticulture program here is focusing in production, management, processing and marketing of fruit, vegetables, ornamental crops, coffee and tea, spice and medicinal plants. We have staff specialized in Horticulture, Postharvest technology, soil science, Plant breeding, Plant genetics and chemistry. Our graduates with degree in Horticulture often enter and or own enterprises like vegetable and fruit production, nursery activities, gardener and green house, floriculture industry, research center and higher education. Before close up, wed like to thank for visiting our website and hoping you will continue interacting & help us shape the future of our program, Horticulture. We have double responsibility Feeding our nations and beautify our Environment

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The Horticulture program at Ambo University was initiated and well positioned to respond to the needs of our community in the horticultural sector throughout the country. The program is focusing on improving the quality, yield, economic performance and adaptation of fruits, vegetables, flowers, coffee and tea, spice and medicinal plants.

Horticulture program was starting to run at Ambo University from the 2001 E.C. under department of plant science. In the 2006 E.C the program become independent department and in the 2008 start running post graduate program. The program aims at training students in detailed knowledge in production, management, processing and marketing of horticultural crops. Graduate should have the scientific knowledge and skill and art of managing horticultural crops from planting to post harvest handling.

The program’s main research areas includes, crop production and horticultural value chains, adaptation to agro ecology, horticultural crop protection, root and tuber crops, plant nutrition, spice and coffee and post-harvest handlings.  

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