Department of Land Administration and Surveying


Department of Land Administration and Surveying is dedicated to quality education and research. We offer highly qualified faculty and contemporary Land Administration professional Experts. Our graduates are highly recruited with excellent placement by educational and research institutions, government agencies and private Organizations. We welcome you to be part of this challenging and exciting environment as you seek opportunities to learn and grow as future experts in the area of Land Administration and Surveying.

The establishment of the department has been made with objective of producing adequately trained Land Administration and Surveying professionals who will serve their community, with various skills: Cadastral Surveying, Land Law, Real Estate Valuation And Registration , Dispute Resolution, Computer Mapping, Land Use Planning, Land Development and to strengthen the qualification and man power capacity of the personnel in land use and environmental protection authorities, municipalities, counseling and advisory departments and other institutions engaged in land related activities. The duration of study for Bachelor of Science in Land Administration and Surveying and Surveying (B.Sc.) is four years (eight semesters). 

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