Department of Agricultural Engineering


The Department of Agricultural Engineering (AGEN) at Ambo University institute of technology was established in the year 2008/09 as one of the department under the Institute of
Technology with the overall objective:

  • Provide excellent undergraduate Agricultural Engineering education that is relevant, academically sound and characterized by an appropriate balance of theory and application at par with the professional standard.
  • Conduct research to develop technologies, processes, products, and strategies to support efficiency and sustainability in agricultural, food, biological, and natural resource systems synergistic with the training program.
  • Provide technical assistance and educational programs to farmers and small producers, agricultural businesses and industry, in order to improve production efficiency and profitability and to assist decision makers in agricultural production, value-added processing, and natural resources management.

The department has been running a BSc program for regular. In the past eleven (11) years more than 480 students are graduated in regular program from the department. The focus of academic curriculum in Agricultural Engineering is on training competent graduates with adequate theoretical knowledge, analytical capacity and hands-on skill in design, development, operation and management of engineering systems and structures pertaining to Agricultural Mechanization, Irrigation and Drainage, Soil conservation and Watershed Management, Agro Processing, Post-Harvest Technology and Management, Rural Infrastructures and Alternative Energy.

A student who has completed an undergraduate degree in Agricultural Engineering will have acquired a specialist knowledge, skill and attitude in applying engineering tools and techniques for the:

  • Design, operation and maintenance of irrigation and agricultural land drainage systems,
  • Design, operation and maintenance of farm machinery and implements,
  • Design and implementation of soil and water conservation schemes,
  • Design and construction of farm structure,
  • Handling, processing and storage of food and agricultural products,
  • Processing and conversion of alternative fuel/energy sources,
  • Management and administering agribusiness,
  • Conduct of research and producing solutions to the many problems in the field, and Performance of tasks in a professional, responsible and ethical manner to the benefit of society.


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