Department of Mechanical Engineering


Ambo University, Mechanical Engineering Department was established in 01/2002, with the objective of responding to the need for rapid industrialization and the changing societal needs of the country for sustainable development. It has graduated 45 batches of engineers. The department believes in cultivating the full potential of students, and the advancement of all forms of knowledge keeping in pace with international standards of academic quality, including the high skilled employment needs presented by a growing economy operating in global environment.

Statistical data obtained from the Ambo University, shows that the total number of mechanical engineers that graduated from the University with a B.Sc. degree during the period year to year is about (80%). Further examination of the data shows that the number of graduates per year was increasing.
Mechanical Engineering is a profession that deals with the design, manufacturing, selection, installation, commissioning, operation, and maintenance of all forms of machinery, equipment, and industrial systems. The profession plays a vital role in the establishment and sustainable operation of a nation's manufacturing industries, transport systems, power generation, construction, and mining industries.

The work of mechanical engineers varies by industry and function. Large number of mechanical engineers work in erection and commissioning of industrial plants, production operations, maintenance, technical sales, etc.; few are engaged in research, testing, and design work.

Many are administrators or managers while some work as consultants. Some of the typical job profiles that Mechanical Engineers, in various capacities, perform include.

  • Design, development and manufacturing of products and machines for industrial and consumer use
  • Design industrial plant layout, equipment selection, plant erection, commissioning, and operation and maintenance; installation of machinery and piping
  • production and testing of engineering material
  • design of industrial gas- and water supply system/component
  • design and maintenance of automotive and construction equipment
  • design , installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of heating, refrigeration, air-conditioning and compressed air systems, water supply systems
  •  design, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of energy conversion system/component
  •  controlling of noise, vibration and environmental pollution
  •  design and evaluation of industrial project
  • planning of project and total quality management
  •  factory management in the capacity of general manager, technical manager, operation manager, maintenance manager, quality controller and sales manager
  • Teaching, training, research and development
  •  Invent appropriate technology solutions to address local community problems
  •  Design of agro machinery and processing equipments
  • Construct and maintain Railway Systems
  • manufacturing and processing of Sugar processing plant
  •  Reverse engineering
  •  Procurement of equipment and machinery, Managing Spare parts.ets
  • development of Specification of mechanical components .

Taking into consideration the requirements of modern industries the department has realized the implementation of the following four specializations (streams) in the present undergraduate engineering course. namely;

  •  Mechanical Design,
  •  Manufacturing,
  • Automotive(Motor vehicle), and
  • Thermal

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