Department of Marketing Management


The Department since its inception has been striving to be the center of academic excellence. The Department is committed to produce qualified and innovative Marketing professionals and practitionaries who will contribute to organizations-small and large, public and private, profit and non profit - to satisfy their customers’ needs. Our graduates are highly recruited with excellent placement by different government agencies and private industry. We welcome you to be part of this exciting department as you seek opportunities to learn and grow as a future marketing manager.

Marketing Management department at Ambo University has been started its functioning in the year 1999 E.C,with the objective of producing skilled human power on issue of marketing to fill gaps in marketing management, marketing planning, marketing research, and consultancy on marketing strategies and activities in different private and public sector organizations in the country.

Students on this program will get an exciting opportunity to combine business knowledge with professional expertise and develop the confidence to look forward to a career to understand, create, communicate, and deliver value and satisfaction to customers.

The program is designed to provide students an in-depth understanding of how to achieve total customer satisfaction through the use of appropriate marketing skills. It is also aimed to develop flexibility, adaptability and independence to enable our graduates to cope in a rapidly changing economic, social and technological environment in an innovative way.

Finally, the program aims at producing marketing professionals that can contribute a lot to the development of modern marketing practices in Ethiopia.

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