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Today the NR bases of the country are heavily suffering widespread improper and unwise utilization resulting in their rapid degradation. Deforestation, desertification, loss of biodiversity, soil erosion, soil fertility decline, soil acidification, salinization, environmental pollution and climate change are some of the major expressions of natural resources problems in the contemporary Ethiopia. As more users place demands on the scarce environmental resources, the need for intelligent conservation and rational management of the natural assets is ever greater, the very concept of sustainable development. The fundamental principle of sustainable development entails that the use of natural resources by a generation should not compromise:

  1. their roles in maintaining natural ecological balance,
  2. their position in environmental quality and integrity, and
  3. their quantity and quality such that successive generations could also satisfy their needs.

Natural resources management forms part and parcel of sustainable development and is a systems approach (integrated-holistic approach) to managing our natural resources. This program in NRM attempt to address the biological, engineering, social, economic and policy related aspects of managing natural resources as an integrated system. The Natural Resources Management program thus prepares students not only to care for the land and water resources, but also to serve the people whose well-being depends on these resources. The program also provides an opportunity for students interested in managing society's impacts on the environment and how to manage it for long lasting benefit.

Department of Natural Resources Management were launched in 2010 under college of Agriculture and Veterinary Science. Through time, the department had developed different curriculums and launched 3 more undergraduate  programs known as:

  • Forestry,
  • Land Administration and Surveying (LAS), and
  • Water Resources and Irrigation Management (WRIM)

and 1 post graduate

  • (M.Sc. in Soil Science).

Since its launch the department has graduated eight batch in B.Sc. degree in Natural Resources Management. By now, the three departments launched by natural resources management department become independent departments.

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