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Dear all! How have you been?  It is obvious that education in general and formal education in particular is the way we endowed with various knowledge, skills & attitudes which enhance us to  solve and cope up with the various social problems we are facing today and we will face in our future endeavors! Once again, don’t forget that education has no end point; it is a continuous process. Hence don’t give up your education! This is due to the fact that the one who graduates today and stops learning tomorrow is uneducated the day after! After saying so, when I proceed to the background of the program (Sociology),social sciences in general emerged in the 19th century and gave birth to various disciplines embedded in specific socio-historical contexts. Sociology in particular was supposed to deal with the transformations of modern western societies, induced by social and intellectual forces though later it has become one of the sciences which have universal application throughout the world. And for the last several decades, Sociology has created experts on various social issues and produced pertinent theoretical perspectives as well as efficient methodogical tools to offer a better understand of cotemporary social phenomena.


Furthermore, Sociology has been dealing with ways of promoting socio-economic development, technology transfer and explains growth as well as alleviation of various problems in this modern society. Sociology is extremely diverse subject that provides multifaceted information and excitement in learning for students.

Sociology department was launched as an independent in 2014/2015 at Ambo University under the College of Social Sciences and Humanities. Since 2014/2015, 110 were trained and graduated from the department holding a Bachelor of art degree in Sociology. Currently, the department have been training 189 regular students in bachelor of art in Sociology program (among them 84 were males while 105 were females).

The Department seeks to provide a broad range of high quality courses that expose students to sociological perspectives, leading to an understanding of our own as well as other societies and cultures. The present program is inspired by the desire and commitment of the college to enable sociology to play its rightful role in development processes and enable the discipline to make significant contributions to nation building efforts. 


In the future, department will have a plan to open graduate or postgraduate studies in regular, summer and Continuing based on the needs of the clients. In order to do so, the department conducted need assessment and developed post graduate curriculum.

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