Department of Special Needs and Inclusive Education


The Department of Special Needs and Inclusive Education was established in 2015/16 G.C; currently, the department is running two programs: one undergraduate program in Special Needs and Inclusive Education in regular and summer programs and one regular Master’s program in Special Needs and Inclusive Education.

The Department has currently 11 academic staff members with the following academic ranks: 1 associate professor, 1 assistant professor, 2 PhD candidates, 5 lecturers, and 2 assistant graduates. The Department has also 1 support staff for secretarial service. The Department is proud of having several types of students with special needs including students with hearing impairment, physical impairment, visual impairment as well as other category of students with special needs in its undergraduate and graduate programs. The Department has celebrated students’ graduation for the first time in 2018 G.C. As a result, 31 Males 20 females (totally 51) students successfully completed the program and graduated under the regular program. Now the department has 226 students in regular and summer undergraduate programs and MA regular program.


The vision of the Department is to become center of excellence in teaching, research and community service in the field of special needs and inclusive education in the East Africa.


The mission of the department is

·          To prepare professionals with the necessary the knowledge, pedagogical and social skills and work-ethics committed to the enhancement of the capacity and wellbeing persons with special needs with a focus on disability issues.

  • Offer quality programs [relevant, accessible and coherent], which will equip professionals with the right attitudes, knowledge and skills to respond sensitively and effectively to the diverse needs of learners.
  • Work comfortably with all kinds of learners, including those who need high level of support in specialized, inclusive / full service schools.
  • Create favorable environment for research and carry out innovative research, which deepens understandings about inclusivity in education and improve the responsiveness of educational institutions, with colleagues in other departments, colleges and universities
  • Carry out responsive community engagement projects that drive the agenda of inclusivity in schools and in the wider society.
  • Strengthen our relationship with relevant stakeholders, organizations, departments and the community.



Realizing Inclusion!

Objectives of the Program

Given the current situation of people with special needs and the demands for appropriate services for them, the opening of Special Needs/Inclusive Education is timely and it is one of the steps in creating a move towards inclusive education in the country. The program will help to make improvements in educational service provisions and thus lead to increased access and utilization of community and educational resources by the millions of people with special needs who live in the country. In other words, its ultimate result is not only to significantly improve the special education delivery system for people with disabilities, or to help achieve the goals of Education For All in Ethiopia, but also to improve the lives of the parents of children with disabilities who face a great deal of stress, both emotionally and financially, and who also feel a sense of isolation and helplessness when they receive no external professional support in their own country.

The department runs its program with regular, CEP and summer modalities.

Undergraduate program

  BA degree in Special Need and Inclusive Education  

Postgraduate Program

 MA degree in Special Need and Inclusive Education   

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