Department of Social Work


Ethiopia’s social fabric has been challenged by multifaceted socioeconomic and political issues. The presence of plenty of social problems such as; personal problems, family disorganization, child trafficking, child labour abuse, drug and alcohol abuse, the spread of HIV/AIDS, unemployment, poverty, crime, violence, poor inter-sectorial linkage, environmental pollution, groups, community, and organizations in general make the profession to earn more attention in training qualified professionals. While evaluating the current situation of Ethiopia; we found the profession as the first choice to realize the dreams of the country and individuals because of its humanistic services, non-discriminatory and non-stereotyped professional service with highly intact professional code of conduct and ethics that works for human dignity and worth and maintaining social justice with a given vast social system.

Challenges confronting our country and the world make social work profession more compelling to prepare highly qualified social workers who can meet professional challenges with innovative and effective practice. It is believed that the discipline of social work is of vital interest in today’s world of rapid social change coupled with its unforeseen emerging social problems.

Social work has been defined as one of the best suited careers for the future to meet the needs of complex socioeconomic challenges. Enhancing society and social institutions ethos are central to social work's purpose and goals. In reality, however, social workers spend the majority of their time treating, enhancing, empowering and helping the most vulnerable people—helping individuals and families cope with problems. It aims at bringing changes to policies through advocacy and enhancing social development policy implementations by way of fostering better popular participation in various development efforts.

In the process of developing this curriculum, the Curriculum Development Committee has reviewed curricula from other departments of different universities both from foreign and national universities (Schools of Social Work at Addis Ababa University). The initiative and development of curriculum of undergraduate program at AAU was based on the demand from stakeholders of social work education in Ethiopia by School of social work in 2007 and reopened BSW in 2008 after 30 years of closure. However the initiative to establish the undergraduate program in Social Work at the University of Gondar as well as the development of this full-fledged curriculum for BSW is taken by staff members at the Department Of Sociology.

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