List of Institutes at Ambo University

Education and Behavioral Science

Institute of Education and Behavioural Sciences (IEBS) is one the leading Institutes in conducting teaching-learning, research and community service at Ambo University.

The IEBS has gone through different phases of transformations.

Cooperative and Developmental Study

The Institute of Cooperatives and Development Study (ICDS) was established in 2009 with the main objective of producing qualified human resource in cooperatives and development studies, both at under and graduate study levels.

Generally, ICDS is dedicated in the development and application of knowledge in cooperatives and development studies. 



The institute of Technology will become an outstanding institution in training young Ethiopian students with high quality and capability and to be a science and technology research center of wide recognition form national and international communities.

The Institute of Technology has creatively played research, technology and production reflecting an industrial society. Our aim is to produce "Engineers" and “Technologists” with "Creativity", "Ability" and "Strong Sense of Service to Society" as well. The graduate and post graduate programs combine a based education in the engineering fields with technology research.