Hachalu Hundesa Institute of Technology Campus


The institute of Technology at Ambo University strives to become an outstanding institution in training young Ethiopian students with high quality and capability in Engineering and Technology. The institute also works hard to be center of competence for science and technology research. To excel in these endeavors, the institute works with National and international technology institutes.

So far, the Institute has creatively played its role in creating an industrial society through research, technology and productions. Our aim is to produce "Engineers" and “Technologists” who are capable, creative, and have strong sense of service to the society. To enable graduates with the required knowledge, skill, and attitude, both the under graduate and postgraduate programs combine class room educations with field researches, workshop/laboratory practices, and industrial attachments.

By applying different methodologies, we give students broad and creative skills they need to pursue their goals. The Institute is committed to building competencies in engineering, technology and science, apart from research and exploring newer applications of industrial relevance.

The Institute cherishes the hope that its graduates will be the leaders of tomorrow. Their education is patterned with this in view. Thus, in the curriculum, besides the professional courses, there is a strong emphasis on acquiring a thorough grounding in the basic sciences of mathematics, physics and chemistry and a reasonable knowledge in subjects like Economics, English, Philosophy and other relevant social sciences courses.

The emphasis on the basic sciences removes to some extent the fear of rapid obsolescence in science and technology, while studies in the Humanities help the students to interact more positively with the society in which they will live. Besides making available facilities for higher education, training and research in various fields of engineering and technology, the Institute contributes to the industrial development and economic growth of the country by preparing a cadre of engineers and scientists, who provide both man power and support Research and Development work for industries. To this end, the institute created technology incubation center which works with college of Business and Economics to further develop to business ideas. The institute also established a center for Project Planning and Leadership/Management Education/Center (APPLE-Ambo Project Leadership Education), which focuses on enabling Ethiopians in project planning and management. The center provides short-term training for students and practitioners to capacitate their ability to manage projects effectively and efficiently. The institute also owns a directorate unit working on Indigenous Knowledge, which aims at identifying indigenous knowledge among the society and integrating it with appropriate technology.

The Institute also offers a unique environment that promotes culture, sports, societal contributions, art, self-governance and human value for its students and staff. So, join us and be part of this institution. Together we can create a better place to learn and grow.

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