Guder Mamo Mezemir Campus( College of Agriculture and Veterinary Science)


Ambo University is one of the most senior higher learning institutes and pioneer institution in teaching modern agriculture in Ethiopia. The current Guder Mamo Mezemir campus is a campus for agriculture and veterinary science disciplines which is based on strong historical competence in agricultural education and research in Ethiopia.

The campus is situated in Guder town close to the main road to western Ethiopia (Addis Ababa –Ambo-Nekemte road). Guder is located at 126km from the capital city Addis Ababa and 12km from Ambo town. The town has an altitude of 1850 m above sea level, average annual temperature of 20.9°C and total annual rainfall of 1,000 mm. Even though Guder is suitable for growing different kinds of agricultural crops and livestock, the environment is very much suitable for grapes production and the wine manufactured from grape is branded after the name Guder.

In addition to its main compound in Guder, the college also runs three research and demonstration centers. Two of these (Tulu Korma and Bilo) focus on researches and extension works on natural resource conservations, with main emphasis on indigenous trees.  The third one which was established at Birbirsa, (about 7 km from Guder) is a general research and development center that supports the teaching, research and community services of the college. This center is named after, the  famous Ethiopian humanitarian Abebech Gobena.  Even though Ambo University was  established in 1947 by this college to teach agricultural education at course level, (Animal Science, Crop Production, Agricultural Engineering, Mathematics, and English), and diploma level, currently the College of Agriculture and Veterinary Science under Ambo University is running 11 undergraduate, 13MSc and 2PhD programs. The college is teaching more than 2345 students in regular, continuing and winter education program.

The College of Agriculture and Veterinary Science has a long experience in research, extension and community services. Currently the college is participating in collaborative teaching, research and community services with local organization such as Ethiopian Institute of agricultural Research, Ethiopian Science and Technology Agency, Ethiopian Biodiversity Institute, and regional and federal research centers; International research institutes and organizations such as USAID, FAO, ILRI, VLIROUS, SAJOREC, ANSO, CAS, Road and Belt Initiative, IWMI etc.

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