Guder Agro Industrial MSE Support-Ambo University

Modified Date :2020-05-13

Considering the prominent role of Micro and Small enterprises in poverty reduction and local economic growth, Ambo University has encouraged Guder Agro Industrial MSE which is mainly working on Poultry farming. 

 This MSE members are 19 (12 male and 7 females) and all of them are University graduates. They form association and start production in September 2019 G.C. As they are facing challenges to develop their enterprise, Ambo University support them giving:

  1. 600 chickens
  2. 10 Modern feeding troughs
  3.  6 Drinking troughs
  4. 36 Kun. starter feed

The University hope this MSE will develop soon as all members are young and are educated.

Modified By: Ambo University, 2020-05-13

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