COVID-19 Social Protection 3rd round Campaign

Modified Date :2020-06-06

Ambo University COVID-19 Social Protection 3rd round Campaign at Guder Mamo Mazamir Campaus, June 6/2020

It is important in this context the lock down brought high economic and social impacts on low income families at most. It exposed devastating gaps in social protection coverage especially on the needy families. In reaction to this, Ambo University distributed for the 3rd round many food products and cleaning items for 200 families of Guder Town and nearby rural kebeles in Tokke Kutaye Woreda. During the distribution Dr Tadesse Kenea, the president of the University, orient the devastating effect of Corona disease and its overall effect on the economy of the disadvantage people. Finlay, he mention the collection of the aid items should be in a way that it does not compromise personal social distancing.
Ambo University is here for the Community!

Modified By: Ambo University, 2020-06-06

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