Business and Development VP

Business and Development VP

Office of the Vice President for Business and Development

The Office of the Vice President for Business and Development is accountable to the president. The office was first introduced into the university structure in June 2016. The Office of the Vice President for Business and Development is mainly responsible for monitoring the establishment and development of University Enterprises, oversee the services provided by ICT directorate and supervise the activities of university construction project office.

The office generally engages in the following main activities:

  • Enhancing the internal revenue of the university and also provide service to the community, apart from the supply of agricultural products and generating income from rentals of business centers, the office is currently establishing modern milk processing plant with the capacity of packing 5,000 litre of milk. As additional milk shall be collected from the surrounding community for the milk processing plant, it will create market opportunity and better income for local farmers and cooperatives.  The office is also planning to establish different business enterprises that will augment the internal revenue of the university.
  • With regard to ICT development, the office is working on different projects to expand the University’s ICT infrastructure, systems and services to enable the transformation of the University’s administrative and academic business processes.
  • The office also manages different ongoing building and infrastructure development projects at different campuses of the university.

Offices  under  Business and Development Vice President

  •  Income Generation directorate- the major objective of the directorate is to establish and develop university business enterprises that generate internal revenue to enhance the financial capacity of the university. The current sources of internal revenue are Dairy products, agricultural products and rentals of business centers operating at different campuses of the university.
  •  The ICT Directorate- is mainly responsible for developing ICT infrastructure, digitizing and automating academic, research, service provision and administrative business processes of the university. It also gives relevant support services to different units of the university.
  •   Construction Project Office- is responsible for the supervision and contract administration issues of building and infrastructure development projects of the university.

Responsible Staff: Solomon Masho Atomsa(Phd)

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