Reform & Good Governance

Reform & Good Governance

In commencement, reform and good governance affairs directorate engaged in improving stakeholder’s and public services accountability in governing bodies of the University and also have multiple accountabilities to the public (citizens) and to those who have the authority, and responsibility, to hold them to account on the public’s behalf. To establish real accountability is concerned not only with reporting on or discussing actions already
completed, but also with engaging with stakeholders to understand and respond to their views as the University plans and carries out its activities.

Pursuant Ethiopian Higher Education Proclamation No.1152/2019; Article 56 (1) entails that without prejudice to the power of the president to include other pertinent officers Reform and good governance Affairs Directorate should be a member of managing council.

  • As the managing council shall advise the president on strategic issues and on other cases that the president believes require collective examination as well as serve as a forum for monitoring, coordination, and evaluation of institutional operations in the University.
  • In addition to the above Proclamation, Federal Civil Service Proclamation No.1097/2011 Article 32(h) ascertain that Federal Civil Service Government Office to execute complaint submission and handling procedures in line with Regulation No. 2/2012 which renders power to reform and good governance affairs directorate to hearing grievance in the University. To ensure service delivery standards complaint submission and handling procedures for costumers of the University.
  • The goal of this Directorate to prepare plan, make supervision, arrange and report tasks done in the Directorate as per the University Schedule.
  • Monitor the plan of the reform and good governance affairs directorate information about corrective reform issues and the work of other employees in the University.
  • Implementing new strategies, techniques by observing loopholes seen in the implementation to undertake reform and good governance programmes.
  • To Supervise the Implementation of reform and good governance programmes.
  • To develop the skill of University staffs, by using to changing tools: coaching, motivating, building team spirit and establishing well organized teams in the University.

Responsible Staff: Dinaol Feleke

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