Program Level:Undergraduate

Since then, the School has grown to over 330 students and 24 instructors. Apart from its regular program in both undergraduate and postgraduate (LL.M in commercial and Corporate Law), the school has also been well engaged in continuing and summer education programs.

developing a five-year curriculum for all Ethiopian law faculties. 

Like most law schools in Ethiopia, the School of Law at Ambo University does not have separate departments, so every law graduate is trained in all parts of the law.

The School has operated under the reformed national curriculum of 2013 (2005 E.C.) developing a five-year curriculum for all Ethiopian law faculties

Ambo University School of Law seeks to teach students about the law and to help them develop the skills necessary to use that knowledge in practice to contributing to social, economic, and cultural development of Ethiopia.

Our goal is for our graduates to possess the core competencies essential to embark on the practice of law such as legal analysis; legal research and writing; fundamentals of client services; fundamentals of dispute processing and legal problem solving; and fundamentals of professional responsibility.

Program Type: Regular Only


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