Research Guideline and Principles at Ambo University

Ambo University, like any other higher learning institutions in Ethiopia is mandated to undertake academic, research, and community services. Research, Consultancy and Community Service Directorate, is one of the key offices of Ambo University. The office coordinates research and community services in the University and its five Colleges (College of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences, College of Business and Economics, College of Natural and Computational Sciences, College of Social Sciences and Humanities and College of Medicine and Health Sciences), three Institutes (Institute of Education and Professional Studies, Institute of Technology, and Institute of Cooperatives and Development Studies), and faculty of Business and Economics – at Weliso Campus and School of Law. Ambo University is one of the foremost higher learning institutions with significant contributions in the country's overall development by building the capacity of development agents through short, medium and long term trainings in various fields since its establishment in 1939. The University is presently exercising its full potential than ever before so as to meet its missions and is definitely in a rapid transformation. Its contribution to the country's development through conducting pertinent researches and outreach programs is also of paramount importance. Indeed, the University has a long standing experience in research and extension on viable technologies including poultry, dairy, horticulture, forestry, etc and is playing a significant role in improving the livelihood of local community. In addition, the University also engages in outreach programs providing training, consultancy and improved technology transfer services to the surrounding urban and rural community. Ambo University envisions becoming a renowned University of choice in Eastern Africa advancing knowledge with a balanced approach to research and education towards human development, valuing professionalism, excellence and social progress.

To undertake research in a well organized way there is a need to develop a research policy. Research, Consultancy and Community Directorate feels that there is lack of uniformity in proposal writing, progress report writing, terminal report writing, etc. These expressed challenges have provoked the outlining research policy within which the responsibility of each functional unit in the research process in relation to span of time required in each unit is clearly set and defined.
This policy is developed by the Research, Consultancy and Community Service Directorate (RCCSD). The research policy is emanated from the Policy Premises of Research and Publications document which was endorsed by the senate of the University in 2013. This research policy is formulated to guide Ambo University researchers, and other collaborators in proposing research projects, implementing and reporting of the research findings. It is our believe that, researchers, students and funding agencies will find this information valuable and serve as a reference material whenever one wants to engage and support research activities at Ambo University. Colleges/Institutes/Schools and the concerned office have to play their role in implementing research activities according to this research policy. Ambo University believes that, the policy is dynamic in nature which should be ready to accommodate emerging and contemporary issues. The colleges/institutes/schools have to take record of the difficulties they may face while implementing these policies, so that in future they can be incorporated when the policies are revised. The research policy has been divided into a series of related sub-sections, avoiding redundancy, ambiguity and contradiction. The sub-sections address policy for: basic standards in the conduct of research, leadership and cooperation, research priority setting; the research process; duties and responsibilities of each research functional units; staff engagement in research, motivational schemes for researchers; administration and management of research funding; as well as resources sharing. The Research, Consultancy, and Community Service Directorate of Ambo University acknowledges Ambo University Research and Policy preparation committee for their commitment to prepare this document as well as individuals who in one way or another contributed to the production of the final document. Their efforts are highly appreciated and we look forward for their continued support.